"If you’re looking for a book that brings the Gospels to life in a new and exciting way, I highly recommend "In The Flesh - My Story."

  - Alice Berger, Berger's Book Reviews

"It takes a special writer to retell the story of Jesus Christ in Jesus’ own voice. Michael Gabriele takes readers into the mind and heart of the fully divine and fully human Jesus. The result is a profound experience of Jesus and his life, death and resurrection."
- Jeremy Langford, author of Seeds of Faith and The Spirit of Notre Dame

Prepare to walk in the sandals of a life you never completely contemplated. Dare to endure a sacrifice you never ventured to appreciate. Savor a love you will never fully fathom.

Also on Kindle and other devices.

Experience Jesus' life through His eyes.

A gripping, first-person novel that holds true to the Gospels, from our Hero's perspective.

My Story